The Best Resorts in Langkawi

Langkawi Lagoon Resort always comes to mind when people talk of the finest resorts in Langkawi. Surrounded by the clearest azure waters and foamy white sand, made even more beautiful by the equally blue sky and the natural tranquility of the place, the Langkawi Lagoon Resort is the coziest haven you can ever find in Langkawi. As a luxury Langkawi resorts, expect to be pampered upon arrival. Located in Addu Atoll, this is certainly a piece of heaven here on earth—-a resort with a beauty beyond words. There’s a golf course, a spa, and facilities for water sports. Most of all, it is very private, making it a top wedding and honeymoon destination.

Langkawi Lagoon Resort boasts the bright blue waters of the Indian Ocean and is considered to be among the best luxury resorts in Langkawi. Villingili Island is wonderfully secluded and allows guests to be able to unwind in extreme privacy, while enjoying the beautiful beach and being pampered by the doting staffs. Langkawi resorts — Langkawi Lagoon Resort is known for its impeccable service, outstanding facilities, and very relaxing ocean views. Being here is like being in a different world, where everything is more peaceful and serene, far from the fast paced city life. At the Langkawi Lagoon Resort, guests can savour the beauty of nature from sun up to sun down. It is amazingly magical.

Living Spaces

As a tropical paradise, the main theme of the accommodations is the beach. Every inch of the villas and the rooms is a tribute to the beauty of the beach. Island inspired elements, mostly wood, dominate the design. The open structure, where guests can see the ocean even from the rooms is also observed. As one of the best resorts in Langkawi, Langkawi Lagoon Resort offers only the most lavish accommodations for its guests.

The Tree House Villa is an interesting haven here at the resort. Set on an elevated base, the place provides guests with some of the best ocean views. Surrounded by dense greenery and lots of tropical trees, this villa is both airy and soothing to the senses. As it is secluded, it is often chosen as a honeymoon nest. The open terrace with an infinity pool is very daring allowing the guests to swim all day and admire the view day in and day out. The villa is very stylish, with a spacious bed strategically placed to get the maximum view. Indoor and outdoor showers and an oval marble tub are also available. Flat screen TV, DVD player, and internet access are featured as well. The interior is very harmoniously done, with neutral palate and interesting home accents to make the guests feel more welcome.

The Two Bedroom Beach Villa is ideal for the whole family. The villa is tastefully decorated using island inspired design themes. This is one of the most spacious living space you’d get in Langkawi resorts. With two bedrooms, guests will be able to sleep and move about comfortably. Middle Eastern inspired interiors with native furnishings combined with the airy spacious design make it the perfect beach retreat.

Kid’s Club

You can only find a few resorts in Langkawi that put kids first. Langkawi Lagoon Resort surely treats kids like royalty. At the resort, kids can engage in different kinds of water sports such as swimming, crab racing, and underwater exploration. They can also learn various island crafts such as making shell necklaces and sand castle frames. They can also learn how to cook and join some pirate games. Children can also explore the island and get to know the exciting creatures that consider the island as their home.


Because it is among the luxury resorts in Langkawi, Langkawi Lagoon Resort ensures that the guests will be served only the best dishes. Dr. Ali’s combines rich interiors and delicious dishes to provide an impressive dining experience. Run by 4 talented chefs, the place is very posh and is a great place to unwind after a long day over great food. Here they serve all different kinds of cuisines that will definitely tickle your taste buds. Their chicken tikka showcases Indian flavours and tender chicken meat, while their stir fried lamb is juicy and very flavourful. Their prawn and mushroom spring rolls and Maldivian fish curry are also worth trying. Favours of the Middle East, India, Morocco combined with traditional Maldivian dishes are what Dr. Ali’s is all about.

The very cosy and ocean inspired interiors of the Javvu makes every meal a treat. All wooden floors, full sized windows, and native furnishings create a very relaxing ambience to make the guests enjoy their meals no matter what time of day. Their Yellow Fin Steak, roasted scampi, and spicy beef noodles are among the favourite of their patrons. Desserts like chocolate cake and special ice creams are also served here.

For those who’d like to have late night cocktails, they can head to the Manzaru Bar.


Langkawi resorts—Langkawi Lagoon Resort takes pride in its signature Spa, The Chi. Imagine being pampered from head to toe while you’re practically on the water. Now that’s relaxing. The spa menu has all the body and face treatments that you’d love to have while at the island. Their Indulgence of Time Ritual is a relaxing treat you can give to yourself. It takes 3 hours to finish the whole session but guaranteed that you’ll leave the spa feeling rejuvenated and revived. For couples, there’s also a spa package made especially for them. The harmonizing effect of the ritual is great for improving the relationship energy transit.

Langkawi Lagoon Resort is among the resorts in Langkawi that you should not miss out on. This is more than just a resort, it is a luxurious way of life. Whether you are in Langkawi with the family or with just your beloved, guaranteed that you’ll have a wonderful time.